"Fashions fade, style remains"

The next thing that inspires my endeavours in photography is fashion. When I was in Paris last summer, I went to an incredible exhibit where the works of Yves Saint Laurent were put on display.  It was a beautiful showcase of some of his most fabulous pieces. I was completely inspired and spent the entire afternoon at Le Petit Palais. When I came home, I shared my excitement with my friend Deanne, who has an amazing fashion blog called Threadbare (http://threadbare-dm.blogspot.com/). Deanne has a creative eye for fashion and is the best shopping partner. I've been taking photos for her blog for a while now and have loved every minute of it.  Deanne is brilliant and beautiful and one of my favourite people to photograph.  I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love streetsville what great place to take pictures!! They are fab